Click on objects that are environmentally damaging

Factorys tend to generate carbon emissions through their smoke stacks. Additionally factories contribute to water and land pollution through their disposal of often toxic wate.

The threat of Coal Based Power has plagued the environment since its conception. In the United States right now coal based power makes up about 30 percent of total power generated. When coal is burned for power it releases multiple different pollutants including lead, sulfur dioxide, and mercury.

Aviation currently contributes 2% of the world's carbon emissions. The International Transport Association predicts that passenger numbers will double by 2037, increasing this number further.

Currently about 24 Percent of all greenhouse gas emissions can be raced down to the extraction of fossil fuels. The rpoccess of fracking genrerates huge amounts of wastewater that may include dangerous chemicals.

The mixture between vehicle exhausts, other pollutants in the atmosphere and chemicals from roads can drasticxally affect soil and air quality. This can increase risks of cardiovascular disease as well as contribute to climate change

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